We are fortunate to have bases in beautiful parts of the world. It is important to us that we support the communities with whom we share these special places.

The Haygrove Community Gardens Charity was established to offer support to those who would benefit from the therapeutic nature of horticulture, to engage school children in the growing of healthy fruit and veg, and to conserve accessible green space for public enjoyment.

Community gardens also facilitate the integration of other local businesses into the community. By forming partnerships with local businesses, we can not only help ensure the gardens’ ongoing success, but also provide a means by which their staff can benefit from using the garden, whilst helping its other visitors.

We are looking to scale up our efforts. We are actively seeking business partners who can help us establish 20 community garden projects, by the end of 2028.

"Will all businesses of the future invest in people and planet, beyond themselves? We invite you to join a journey with some brilliant people… ​"
Angus Davison
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The Haygrove Community Gardens Charity was established in 2012. It was created in order to provide a route for local and national businesses to invest in services to schools and disadvantaged people through horticulture and nature. Our lead garden in Ross-on-Wye, in 2022, hosted 756 children, 3978 volunteer hours and hosted 12542 visits to its Zero Waste Stall, distributing over 42 tonnes of food. The garden has won various awards, including B & Q National Community Garden of the Year in 2022.

We are gathering a group of businesses to take this forward to 19 more community gardens.

our projects

Ross Community Garden

Established in 2013, the garden supports users with a range of physical and mental health challenges.

Newent Community Wilding Project

A new project to provide nature and well-being activities on the banks of the beautiful Ell Brook.

Ledbury Community Garden

We provide tabletop gardening sessions and are working with the local community to develop a new garden in Ledbury.

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